Fast servers, Little lag this morning

Speed Chart – with less than 1 second load times on the virtual hosted websites, and the radio stations using about 90% 1xXeon 2.4 cpu for 4 stations on WWW2 how ever its stable now. Launched 1 station transcoder on WWW1 (used for shoutcast servers and web only).

among 12 different shoutcast servers, ftp, sshd, mail, virtual host websites, etc the server is running top notoch this morning

Going to stress it out a little to see if we can make its performance drag. I already started an additional station altnernative music from WWW1 which www2 is the mp3 to aac transcoding virtual dj studios only and averaging 10 LOAD AVG after night passed.

WWW1 has had a load avg below 1 or 2 all night and day and is operating extremely fast when it comes to loading wordpress sites, wordpress admin, etc.

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